Monday, January 23

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Can a faucet inspire an entire kitchen? You bet it can! Especially when that faucet is at the center of a busy family. Delta’s Pilar and Trinsic faucet with Touch2O™ Technology allows you to turn water on and off with a simple tap on the spout or handle.

Kitchens do a whole lot more than prepare food these days. The heart of the home is known to serve as a study, craft room and a home office, on top of its traditional purpose; cooking. It’s no surprise that kitchen trends incorporate traditional style with updated functions, like a large counter space, traditional light fixture, casual seating, and modern appliances, to name a few.

Delivering exceptionally well-made stylish faucets, Delta believes that there are better ways to experience water, going beyond excellent design to incorporate smart thinking that anticipates people's needs. They're the creators of kitchen faucets with Touch2O™ Technology, like Pilar™ and Trinsic. And now, there’s Touch2O.xt™ Technology for the bathroom!

Check out the video below to see the added convenience of a hands-free function with Touch2O.xt. Be sure to pop by their blog for more inspiration, and follow them on Twitter @BeigeIsDead!

Photos: Delta, House & Home


plumbing supplies said...

I see the faucet very simple. I believe that simplicity is beauty.

Delta Kitchen Faucets said...

Yes, The faucet is looks modern design

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