Tuesday, January 24

Cottonelle Clean Care :: a colour story...

Who doesn't love a generous dose of colour to liven up a space? When Cottonelle partnered with Jonathan Adler to design its new roll covers, they knew he would deliver colours and patterns that were both bold and lively! Adler has long been admired for his fearless use of colour, designing ordinary objects and interiors that are playful and energetic. And it's about time that toilet paper has its own little happy place in the world. Roll covers are a great way to bring some of that Adler energy into your home!

The new collection features three exclusive ‘groovy' designs sketched by Jonathan Adler. Let them inspire a redesign of your entire bathroom, or give your current design a little pop of colour!

You can get all the details at Respecttheroll.com

Photos: Cottonelle


K&B by the Sea said...

Love them all, but the third design is my favourite :-)

Suzanne Vachon said...

Thnks for the info on J. Adler and cottonelle, it certainly will make a difference to have J. Adler's fantastic mix of colors in our bathrooms.


Paul said...

All are beautiful!!

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