Monday, November 22

what a night!

What a night! We are all smiles at how well everything went on Saturday! We couldn't have asked for a better group of bloggers or a better night. It was so wonderful to meet everyone and match the faces to the blogs. We hope everyone had a fabulous time! It was great to to watch it all finally come together, so thank you all for coming. A lot of us didn't know anyone at the beginning of the night, but we sure did by the end!

We hope the lucky ladies who had a GKhair treatment earlier in the day enjoyed themselves, your hair all looked great. And we hope everyone enjoys the samples in the gift bag. A huge thank you to Celeste and Sasha from GKhair for not only helping us out with the event, but treating us all to such wonderful gifts.

It was so much fun raffling off the giveaways as well, hope those who won the Delta Faucet giveaways put them to good use! So lucky. The Touch2O faucet is really one of the coolest pieces i've seen in a while and we thank them very much for bringing so many awesome giveaways. Congrats to the lucky ladies! And don't forget to check out their brand new blog, Beige Is Dead.

Plus, thank you to both of our sponsors for such great speeches. See bloggers, we can ask for more! lol...

And of course thank you to everyone who helped us out that night, Connie form Sogni e Sorrisi, Natalie from A Bit of Blue, Alison from Coriander Girl, and the great staff at Hotel le Germain. And to those who added to the fabulous swag bag - thank you!

We are hoping to get pics up of the night very soon, so keep an eye out for them this week. Can't wait to relive the night through some fab photos, as we're feeling like it totally flew by...

Our blog and email will remain active and in place so we can get in touch regarding any future events. We hope to arrange another gathering in the new year, perhaps in the Summer, but we'd LOVE to hear your feedback of the night and if you'd like to do something like this again.

Also, we'd love to post a contact list here on the blog with everyone's name, blog, twitter, and email... so if you don't want your contact info up on the blog or want to leave your email address off the list, let us know! We just wanted to check with everyone before posting it.

It was so nice to meet everyone! Pics to come soon! And thank you to Vie who started it all with just a little idea! So awesome, right?

Photo: J.Crew


LifeBegins@Thirty said...

Amazing event! Thanks to everyone involved in organizing it and the sponsors!!

saf affect said...

Amazing indeed! Fab event by some fab organizers and fab sponsors! ;)

K&B by the Sea said...

Thank you all for organizing such a fantastic event :-) Thanks also to GKHair, Delta, and Hotel le Germain, and everyone else who made the night such a great success :-)

And a special thank you to all the wonderful bloggers who made me feel so welcome :-)


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