Monday, November 22

smile for the camera!

Alas, we have some fabulous first few shots to share! Hope everyone is excited to see some photos of the night, and thanks again to Natalie! (Please make sure to credit and link back!) Such a fun night girls!

Photos: Natalie from A Bit of Blue (


kay* said...

ahh i'm so so sad i wasn't able to make it. my sister decided, rather last minute, to have her b-day dinner that same evening...and since i'll be leaving to india soon for a year (and won't be here to celebrate her next birthday) i though i should know, and be a good sister.

this looks like it was a fun night and i've read nothing but positive tweets. hopefully there is another meet-up before i leave - but if not, there's always when i get back!

congrats on a successful event!

Ottawa Design Network Group said...

Wow, fantastic photos! Natalie did a great job!


Sarah Klassen said...

Great photos*

The party looks wonderful—all involved did a great job of pulling all of the people and elements together. Congratulations on a very successful first event. I'm hoping to be able to make the next one!


Unknown said...

So many great photos- loved the event and thank you so much to you all for your hard work- so appreciated!!

Wendy said...

great pictures! had a great time, looking forward to future events!!

Renee said...

Such great pictures! I had a really great time - can't wait to the next one!

Tanya from Dans le Lakehouse said...

Too funny - my wedding reception was at this hotel. Great photos - looks like it was a fun night.

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