Tuesday, August 23

feedback from our sponsors...

Hello everyone, hope you're all having a great Summer. Below we thought we'd share some of the feedback from our sponsors, and thank them again for helping put on a great event earlier this year!

"IKEA was thrilled to sponsor the Canadian Design Bloggers Meet Up. At IKEA, we believe strongly that this community represents an increasingly influential group and it was great to participate in strengthening the connection between its members. We personally found the attendees to be an inspiring group of passionate and interesting women (and one guy!). It was a pleasure to connect directly and to put a face to the blog."

– Madeleine Löwenborg-Frick, IKEA

"It’s always so inspiring to see the power of networking in action at Canadian Design Bloggers events, and the strong partnerships and friendships that they foster. The calibre of the blogs produced by this network of savvy design enthusiasts is incredibly high. It’s a pleasure to be associated with the Canadian Design Bloggers - we look forward to continuing our work together! Congratulations to Vitania and Daniella for a stellar evening."

– Anita Griffin, Delta Faucet

"It was an absolute thrill to be in a room brimming with such talented and passionate bloggers! We’re so grateful for the opportunity to engage with the Canadian Design Bloggers, and thankful to Vie and Daniella for establishing and continuing the conversations and events. This group of designing women and men continually opens our eyes to the newest trends in design and décor, and insights into the world of social media."

– Dita Kuhtey, Cohn & Wolfe

“On behalf of Rowenta, thank you for hosting such a stylish and fun event with such
an amazing group of bloggers. We were thrilled to give away the Rowenta Pro Compact Steamer (congratulations to @whitewashco Jo Alcorn) and look forward to your
next event so we can do it all again!”

– Laurie Hall, Rowenta

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Anonymous said...

Even though I couldn't make the trip out to TO for the event (sigh...) it was so fun hearing about it and getting this feedback now! I love being part of something bigger :) !!!

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