Thursday, June 9

meet our key speaker!

After arranging a fabulous key speaker quite some time ago, we are excited to finally announce that the very talented Tommy Smythe will be chatting with all of us, at the Canadian Design Bloggers Meetup this year!

Tommy Smythe has worked alongside Sarah Richardson as an integral member of her design team for over nine years, through several award-winning HGTV series including design inc, Sarah’s House and Cottage and Sarah 101. He has proven himself to be Sarah’s indispensable confidant, friend and design partner in crime and returns to HGTV Canada this fall with Sarah’s House 4.

Tommy’s passion for design extends to pulling back the curtain and letting the viewer get an inside peek at how it all comes together, from the early stages of planning through to executing and staging every room in the house. Born and raised in Toronto, has spent the past 12 years honing his appreciation of fine art and antiques, and managing numerous entire home renovations. With Sarah’s influence, he has come to appreciate the more contemporary approach to design and has even begun to embrace the notion of hunting for a bargain now and then! In addition to his off-camera decorating work in Canada, the US and the UK, Tommy is a regular contributor to both Canadian House and Home and Style At Home magazines and has been featured on numerous design blogs.

We are thrilled to have Tommy speak at our event, and can't wait for inspiration and lots of laughs to follow. See you all there! And thanks to IKEA for putting us in touch with Tommy!

*Spots are filling up fast, so if you haven't already registered, please do so soon! (Link is on the sidebar.)

Photo: Provided by Tommy Smythe


Kerry said...

UM that is SERIOUSLY exciting! Can't wait for this! :)

LifeBegins@Thirty said...
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LifeBegins@Thirty said...

Ummmm....HELLO Tommy!

Yes! Can't wait!

(well done, girls! well done :-)

Dharma said...


Sarah Gunn said...

Shut up! I LOVE Tommy. Way to go girls! Would it be wrong if I asked to have my picture taken sitting on his lap? Wait. Don't answer that. Let me live the dream for a aday or two.


Vanessa@decor happy said...

Now you're talking! Can't wait!

Sarah - Christine(glama)was sitting on Tommy's lap for the group photo at their offices. I think he's accustomed to that sort of thing!

saf affect said...

It just gets better and better!

ana said...

It just keeps getting better - can't wait to see the whole gang again.
Great job ladies!

Jordana @ White Cabana said...

So exciting! Looking forward to this.

Shannon {aka}|design said...

Very exciting!!! Can't wait to meet glad I can make it this time!

Brillante Interiors said...

I wish I could be there! Any chance we can meet sometimes in Vancouver?

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