Monday, June 20

meet our bronze sponsor :: CIL...

Hello, and welcome to a brand new week! With the meetup quickly arriving, we are very excited to announce today that CIL is our brand new bronze sponsor!

CIL is Canada’s favourite brand of decorative paints, and has been sold by leading Canadian retailers and dealers for over 75 years. With four mood-inspired collections called deep & luxurious, clean & playful, mellow & comforting, and soft & elegant, they are designed to help you use colour to create the look and feel that’s totally you. And with the CIL Symbol System, you can easily coordinate colours too.

Spring is the perfect time to add a little colour to your home by putting on a new coat of paint, and this season's palette is all about appreciating the influence of colour in every aspect of our lives, from a spectacular sunset, to blossoming flower gardens, or the latest trend in fashion. Popular colour choices this season include jewel-toned blues and greens, playful limes, pinks and apricots, and calming lavenders and greys. You can check out the latest CIL colour trends for 2011 here!

We are so happy that CIL is on board with us this year, and can't wait to check out all those colour possibilities when deciding to paint our own homes! You can locate a CIL retailer here, and be sure to pop by their blog too – talk CIL.

Also, if you haven't already, be sure to register for the meetup, as you must be signed up to attend :) See you all soon!

Photos: CIL

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Windlost said...

Hello, I just discovered your site! I live in Calgary and have been blogging about decorating for about 5 years! Sorry I will miss the event, but hope to come to one in the future. I need a good excuse to get back to Toronto.

Have fun!!

xo Terri

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