Wednesday, November 10

any photographers out there?

As we near the date, we're working on getting all the little details together and would like to reach out to see if anyone with a background in photography would like to volunteer by taking some great pics of the night! We want to capture all the fun moments so we can post here after the event, and a designated photographer would be great. Let us know if that's you... and thanks in advance!

Update: We've found our photographer!


barbara Rocha said...

I am bringing my camera - I am not a professional but I am pretty good. I can bring my tripod and a great attitude!
Let me know if I can be of any official help other than that I can send you any fun fab fotos I take!

Daniella said...

Thanks Barbara! We appreciate the offer! Luckily we have someone lined up though :) But feel free to bring your camera anyway, i'm sure lots of people will be. So excited for Saturday... see you then!

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